4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

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Signing out of 4to12maths.com

When a user has finished on 4to12maths.com they should sign out of their account.

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Sign Out

When a user is logged in there will be a Welcome Card in the top right hand corner of the page. On this card there is a Sign Out button. Clicking on this button will sign you out of your account.

Hints & Tips

  • If you do not sign out after using your account then somebody may access your account. For example, in a classroom environment one child could Practice in anothers account and therby distort the performance being reported for both children.

  • Feel free to provide a tip to your fellow members. Click here to provide it.

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