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My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Guide to Practice

How Practice Works - Accessing and Performing 

Practice is the key activity through which your child's Maths will improve. Practice does make perfect.

The hierarchy shown best describes how 4to12maths.com is structured, what exactly is being practiced and how this alings to your child's curriculum.

For example the hierarchy equates to

Ireland/3rd Class/Maths/Measures/Money/Convert Euro amounts to Cent

The child will Practice the skill Convert Euro to Cent but in doing so you know where it sits within the overall structure of the Curriculum.

See below How Practice Works for further details.

In this Section

How Practice Works

If you select a skill for the first time the Scoreboard will start from zero. If you have practiced the skill before Scoreboard will contain details (score out of 100, number of questions attempted and elapsed time) of where you were when you last Practiced this skill.

  • You will be presented with a series of questions on the skill being practiced. Different questions will use different concepts and styles.

  • The goal is to get your score to 100. You have then mastered a skill and you will receive 1 Star Credit towards awards.

  • We have developed a proprietary scoring algorithm that works somewhat like this.  You get marks for answering a question correctly but marks are deducted if you get a question wrong. As your score gets higher the amount for a correct score gets lower and an incorrect one gets higher. As your score gets higher the questions will get progressively more difficult.

  • The number of questions attempted and elapsed time are recorded below your score. As your score gets higher the ‘straw man’ moves up the stepping stones and juggles another piece of a star.

  • When you have mastered a skill you can continue to answer questions in this skill but your score will not change.

  • The objective is to master all the skills for your grade/class and therby you have mastered your maths curriculum

Accessing Practice

When a child, parent or even teacher decide to Practice on 4to12maths.com they go to their dashboard and click on the Practice widget. This takes them to their Practice page.

A few things to note about this page:

  • You will automatically be taken to your default grade/class when you go to this page. This default grade/class is selected when the child is being set up by the parent or teacher.

  • You can select another grade/class by clicking on the grade/class name on the left hand side of the page.

  • You can see that the skills are organised into categories such as Measures and Algebra. These are aligned with the Strand Units of the Curriculum.

  • A star to the right of a skill indicates that a skill has been mastered

  • A score in a box to the right of a skill is the latest score that has been attained by the user. This means that a skill does not have to be practiced and mastered in one sitting.

  • There are other tabs called Recent Practice and Mastered. These allow the user to have a different view on the skills that they are currently working on or have mastered.

Performing Practice

Clicking on a link to a skill on the Skills Listing page takes the user to the Practice Question Screen.

Hints & Tips

  • As a parent you can keep yourself refreshed in maths by Practicing at the same time or just ahead of what your child is doing. This will familiarise yourself with the maths concepts and terminologies that may have changed since you were in school.

  • Feel free to provide a tip to your fellow members. Click here to provide it.

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