4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Guide to My Students

Setting up and Editing My Students

Teacher Users Only

Each Teacher account can accomodate 40 students by default. In order for your students to access 4to12maths.com you will have to set up seperate sub-accounts for them within the Teacher account.

In this Section

Adding/Editing My Students

Go to My Dashboard.

Click on manage in the My Students widget opens the Profiles Tab of My Students.

A Teacher’s account has the space for 40 students. These are the rows in the table of the Profiles tab. You do not have to use all these rows. You will populate the table with your student’s details. These are:

  • Last Name/Initial

  • First Name

  • Class – you can choose from those that you have already set up. If you have not already set up a Class you should do so.

  • Default Grade – this will determine which skills your student is shown by default when they Practice.

  • Secret Word - all students who login will use the same account password. It will be the secret word that will differentiate one user from another and prevent unauthorised access to the account.

 After entering all the relevant details click on Save.

Editing Students in Bulk

If you have one change that applies to a lot of students at one time you can use what we call the ‘Bulk Action’ feature.

Go to My Dashboard.

Click on manage in the My Students widget opens the Profiles Tab of My Students.

On the Profiles tab follow these 4 steps:

  (1). Select the Students that you want to Edit.

  (2). From the ‘For selected student rows…’ dropdown select what column you want to Edit or Action you want to perform.

  (3). You will be given a list of values from which you can choose one.

  (4). Click on Update to save your changes.

Hints & Tips

  • Caution students against sharing secret words. It may result in unauthorised access of accounts. Whilst no personal or school details will be accessible or editable, it could result in a distorted view on a student’s performance.

  • You will set a secret word for each student. They can change this by editing their profile. This will allow them to set one that they will remember themselves. If they forget their secret word or set an inappropriate one you can change it through the My Students widget.

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