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My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Guide to My School

Managing My School 

School Administrator Users Only

There are a number of different 4to12maths.com accounts that can be used within a school. The first type is a teacher account. This account allows a single teacher to set up his/her classrooms and have his/her children use the website. The second type is a school account. This account allows multiple teachers to operate under the one school account. There are a number of advantages in using a school account, including an ability to track a child's performance over a number of years as they move through the primary school cycle and also to get reports at a school level. 

In this Section

Adding/Editing Teachers


Go to My Dashboard.


My Dashboard


Click on the Manage button in the My School widget opens the Manage Teachers page.


Manage Teachers


This page lists all the teachers that have been set up for this school. It is through this page that the school administrator can add, edit or delete teachers. To perform any of these actions click on the relevant button on this page. For example, clicking on the add teacher button opens the Add Teacher page.


Add Teacher Page


On the Add Teacher page enter the following details.

  • Personal Details - first name and surname

  • Profile Details - username, email address, account password and secret word

After entering all the relevant details click on Save.

When you go back to the Manage Teachers page you will see that the Teacher with the username 'mbarry' has been added to the list. Additionally, you will see that the number of Teachers in the My School widget on My Dashboard has increased by one.



Manage Teachers

Transfer Students between Teachers

Go to My Dashboard

My Dashboard



Click on the Manage button in the My Students widget on to open the My Student Profiles tab. 

Transfer Students


On the Profiles tab follow these 4 steps:

  (1). From the ‘For selected student rows…’ dropdown select what column you want to Edit or Action you want to perform.

  (2). You will be given a list of values from which you can choose one.

  (3). In the Action colum select the Students that you want to Transfer

  (4). Click on Update to save your changes.


Edit My School Account Details


Go to My Dashboard.


My Dashboard


Click on the Account button on the My School widget to open the My Account page. Click on the Edit button to edit highlight those fields that you can edit.


My School Details Edit


As School Administrator you may change all the details for the School except for the School Name and School Code. Edit the relevant fields and click on the Save button.

Hints & Tips

  • Prepare in advance before you go to add teachers. In particular gather the details you will need to input may nott have to hand. This may include your colleagues' email addresses. 

  • Make sure and add another Teacher as School Administrator when you are setting them up. This allows for alternates in the event that you are not available to set other teachers up or change the school account details. 

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