4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Guide to Login

Login, Sign Out & Forgotten Password or Secret Word

In order for your children to access 4to12maths.com you will have to set up seperate sub-accounts for them withion the family account.

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All Page headers contain a Login button. Clicking on this button open a Login page.

Enter your user name and account password and click on Login. This will bring you to a User selection page.

You will see your Avatar and Name displayed. Click on the Login button below these. You will then be brought to another Login page...

Enter your secret word, click on Login and you will be taken to your Dashboard.

All users of an account use the same username and Password Selection page.  It is the secret word that will identify the individual user within an account.

Forgotten Password or Secret Word

If you have forgotten your password there are a few simple steps to follow to reset it. Click on the Login button in any page header and this takes you to the Account Login page.

Click on the Forgot your Password? link to open the User Account page.

Enter your username or email address and click on the E-mail New Password button. This will automatically send you an email to the email address you gave when setting up your account.

Click on the link in the email will bring you to the Edit Profile page.

Enter a new password and/or secret word and click on Save.

Sign Out

When a user is logged in there will be a Welcome Card in the top right hand corner of the page. On this card there is a Sign Out button. Clicking on this button will sign you out of your account.

Hints & Tips

  • It goes without saying… do not disclose your password or secret word to anyone.

  • If you are using a computer which can be accessed by a number of people then be careful about using the Remember Me box.

  • If you have a number of different email accounts then make a note of which email account you have used for 4to12maths.com.

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