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Guide to Learning Focus

Adding and Applying a Learning Focus

This allows a parent or a teacher to specify which skills the child will see when they access their Practice. If a learning focus is not applied a child will be able to access all skills for all years of the curriculum. It can be used, as the name suggests, to focus the learning of the child in a specific area. This could be based, for example, on what is currently being covered in school or skills that the child is having problems with.

In this Section

Add a Learning Focus

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on manage in the Focused Learning widget. This opens the Manage Learning Focus page.

Click on add learning focus.

This opens the Add Learning Focus page.

On this page:

  • Enter the title and description in the relevant fields

  • Select the grade from the select grade dropdown and select or deselect the skills or category of skills you want your child to focus on.

  • Click on Save

Note: as a learning focus can span different grades be careful when selecting or deselecting skills as you may leave skills inadvertently in a learning focus.

Applying a Learning Focus

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on apply in the Focused Learning widget. This opens the My Children - Learning Focus page.

Identify the child for whom you want to apply a learning focus. From the Learning Focus Name dropdown select the learning focus for the child identified.  In the above example there is just one but if you have more than one child you may not want to apply a learning focus for all children or you may want to apply different learning focuses for different children.

When you are finished applying the learning focus just click on Save.

Hints & Tips

  • Teachers can use focus learning to restrict what the students see to what is currently being covered in class.

  • If a teacher has divided their class up into different sub-classes then they could set up a different learning focus for each sub-class. One size may not fit all!!

  • If you have set a learning focus that is different to your child’s default grade then when they go to Practice they will see the following screen:

The child can use the left hand navigation list to select the class/grade in which their learning focus is. You might consider changing their default grade if this is going to persist.

  • Use Learning Focus across multiple grades/classes. For example if your child has a problem with ‘Money’ then you can focus their learning not just in ‘Money’ for their current grade but also for previous and even later grades.

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