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My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Guide to Awards

Adding, Claiming and Granting Awards

Awards allow parents and teachers to motivate and incentivise children to spend more time on 4to12maths.com. A parent or teacher sets the following:

  • How many Star Credits the child needs to have earned in order to receive the Award.

  • What Award will be received by the child if they earn the adequate number of Star Credits?

  • Which children the Award applies to.

  • Whether it is a once off or recurring Award.

In this Section

Add an Award

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on add award in the My Awards widget. This opens the Add Award page.

This page allows you to set up an award that your child can earn through accumulating stars on the site. 

Enter the details of the Award and click on Add.
This Award will appear in the Awards section of the child’s Dashboard.
You can manage the Award by accessing it through the Awards tab on the Manage Awards Page.

When the child earns the required 3 stars they can Claim the award.

Claim an Award

The child should be logged in and go to My Dashboard. They will be able to see on the My Awards widget how many Star Credits they have earned but not used against awards.


Click the view button on the My Awards widget to open the Awards page. This page has 2 tabs. These are My Awards and Awards History.

The My Awards tab page will show

  • the number of Star Credits the child has accumulated

  • a list all Awards that have been set up for them

  • those Awards that they can claim and those that they need more stars for.

Hovering over the bubble to the right of the Awards name will show a description.

Click the Claim button in the Action column to claim an Award. This will

  • reduce the child’s Star Credit by the relevant number for the Award

  • show the date that the Award was Claimed

When your parent has granted the award it will appear in the Awards History tab.

You can view and print out a certificate for the Award by clicking on View cert.

Grant an Award

The parent or teacher child should be logged in and go to My Dashboard. The My Awards widget shows the number of Claimed Awards that have not been yet Granted.


The Awards tab displays a list of Awards that you have set up. Click on the Claimed Awards tab to show the Awards that have been Claimed by the children but not Granted by you.

There are a number of Actions that the parent or teacher can do. These are shown in the Action column. By clicking on the Award action you are granting the award that has been claimed by your child. 

Granting the Award will move it the Awards History tab where you can carry out further actions on the Award including deleting.

Hints & Tips

  • Awards are a fantastic way to motivate your child. However, be careful with the number of star credits a child needs to accumulate before claiming an Award. For example, they earn 1 star when they master a skill through Practice. You therefore need to set the number of stars in balanced way. Too many stars needed and the child will be de-motivated. Too few stars and the child won’t be stretched.

  • Parents and teachers should organise the Awards History tab such that old granted awards are deleted. The Awards History tab therefore becomes a list of Awards that have the parent or teacher has granted but not physically given to the child.

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