4 to 12 Maths
Check out this "Microsoft Partners in Learning" video on how 4to12maths is being used by Scoil Mhichil Naofa, Galmoy.

How it works

Personalised, focused & rewarding Maths learning 

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4to12maths.com is very easy to use. First, you create an online profile for the child or pupil. We don’t need much information, just a name and class level. There’s no requirement to post photographs, or any other personal information.

Also, when you open an account for a child, the parent or teacher gets a free account too.  This allows parents to familiarise themselves with the many aspects of the website and the curriculum itself.

Parents have the choice to subscribe to 4to12maths.com on a monthly or annual basis, while schools can avail of an annual subscription. By paying for 4to12maths.com, we carry no advertisements on the website. It’s also ‘link’ free, a perfect educational environment. And we are completely independent. We are not selling you anything other than a good learning experience for children aged between four and twelve.

Practice, Assess, Compete, Report, Awards and Focused Learning

4to12maths.com has been developed around these key areas.

  • Practice.The maths curriculum is made up of many specific skills for each grade of primary school. As 4to12maths.com is based on the Primary School Curriculum, every skill which is taught in school features on our website. Regular practice of these skills will help a child to understand and revise them. By practicing under the supervision of parents or teachers, a child’s confidence will grow and their ability will improve.

  • Report. Detailed reports are a key way for parents and teachers to understand how children are performing. From a parent’s perspective, a report will help you focus your child’s learning either at home or at school. From a teacher’s point-of-view, reports detail the performance of one pupil or the entire classroom. This allows, on a regular basis, to structure the learning to ensure that all pupils are benefiting from your instruction.

  • Awards. When a child performs well, they should be rewarded. 4to12maths.com will automatically reward good results with stars. Or, if you wish, you can personalise awards and list them online for your child – go to the playground, visit the cinema - for example.

  • Focused Learning.When a child uses 4to12maths.com, a parent or teacher will be able to monitor their progress. If a child has a particular difficulty with one aspect of the curriculum, their attention can be focused solely in that direction. This ability to focus a child’s attention on their weaker areas is a key educational part of the website.

  • Compete.An added dimension to the website allows a child, with permission, to compete with other users of 4to12maths.com, locally or abroad. If used at home, the website will automatically allow students of a similar standard compete with each other. You might be competing against the boy or girl next door – or somebody on the other side of the world! Alternatively, a teacher can allow their pupils in one class to compete against each other, or if the curriculum is similar, with students of a similar grade from around the world. Competitions among peers are a popular way to get children excited about their studies and gives them a feeling of self-worth

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