4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!


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Use Cases

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Help Videos

We have put together short videos to help you use and get the most out of the website. These can be accessed by clicking here or wherever you see the Help Video icon Help Video Icon.


Maths Videos

With the help of Kahn Academy we have categorised maths videos to help your children and pupils understand the topics being covered. Click here to access the maths videos.


User Guide

The User Guide is designed to help you as you go about improving your child or pupil's maths.

We have divided the website up into different logical parts so as to help you access the topics in a quick and easy way. 

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Starting Steps

We have also put together starting steps for Parents & Teachers. These give the simple steps that you can follow to get you and your children or students up and running.



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