4 to 12 Maths
Check out this "Microsoft Partners in Learning" video on how 4to12maths is being used by Scoil Mhichil Naofa, Galmoy.

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Perfecting Maths Online

Our aim is simple: we want your child to improve at Maths.

The idea for the website came about when as parents we were attending the regular parent/teacher meetings. If you are a parent you will know the drill. You troop in to see the teacher and he/she tells you how good your child has been this term or year.
We felt like we needed more detail.

We know our children are personable, work hard (sometimes could work harder) and get good grades. But give me something else. Tell me where my child has done well; tell me where she needs to improve. Show me the areas that she needs to focus on. Help me help her.

4to12maths was born.

Delivering Maths improvement for children, teachers and parents

A lot of brainstorming and research later we concluded (not really a difficult one) that there were 3 ‘stakeholders’ involved; children, teachers and parents. We therefore set about ensuring that whilst 4to12maths had to improve the maths of children in the 4 to 12 age group, it also needed to cater for the needs and wants of teachers and parents. A lot more research with children, teachers, and parents later 4to12maths was developed.

A website that was both structured and fun, a website that children don’t mind logging onto, maths and fun how novel. A website that makes the teachers job easier, one that gives them an insight into exactly how a child is performing versus their curriculum or standard. A website that empowers parents by giving then the confidence to work with their children in maths but also gives them the facts about the child’s performance thereby allowing energies to be focused in the right places.

To all the contributors to 4to12maths development, thank you very much. They are too numerous to mention but you all know who you are. To those who did not contribute, it is never too late. Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom.  This most definitely includes our team below. If you feel there is some way we can improve then please let us know.

Company Factsheet

Company name:      Educational Building Blocks

Company website:   www.4to12maths.com

Company address:  1 Meadowlands Lane, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Contact details:       email: info@4to12maths.com

Founded:                2009

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