Check out this "Microsoft Partners in Learning" video on how 4to12maths is being used by Scoil Mhichil Naofa, Galmoy.
Inspiring your child to have the self-confidence to win
Working together to improve your child's maths ... step by step
Maths - both serious and good fun, our trees of knowledge

100's of 1000's maths questions

Concepts and questions designed by teachers

Fully aligned to the Irish primary school curriculum

Each year divided into skills that are linked to Strand & Strand Units

Multiple concepts for each skill giving question variation

4to12maths for Parents

What will happen if your children use 4to12maths?

Their maths and self-confidence will improve.

Why is this important?

How often do you hear about the knowledge economy and that this is where the jobs are now and are going to be in the future.

Our primary school children are this future. Maths, as the language of logic, is the gateway to their future job prospects in the knowledge economy.

4to12maths for Teachers & Schools

Use 4to12maths to help you to improve the maths standards of our primary school children.

How will this happen?

Practice of maths skills will re-enforce your classroom teaching.

Awards and competitions will motivate and encourage your pupils to want to 'do maths'.

Reports will allow you to further analyse how students are really doing.

In built methodologies mean pupils with difficulties in certain maths skills will be asked only the appropriate questions.

Invest now in their future.
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Invest now in their future.
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